**Update 5/10 Things are still bad with Tumblr, there are user accounts that blatently claim they do not own any of the photos which are allowed to keep posting. Its been months and prety much nothing new has been done to protect copyright holders. Only a few accounts deleted after mass DMCA notices. I have built this site so that Tumblr will take notice to their ignorance. We as artists are not going to put up with Tumblr not doing anything to protect our copyrighted works anymore. There will be a class action suit if things do not change for the better.

The list of demands for Tumblr:

I am demanding that Tumblr will man up and take responsibility for its users.

I am demanding that they delete the accounts of users that have infringed on others copyrights multiple times.

I am demanding that they delete the accounts of users sites that blatantly contain and post copyrighted material.

I am demanding that Tumblr provides us artists with a way to have our websites blocked from Tumblrs bookmarklet application.

I am demanding that our voices will be heard instead of shoved under the table.

Have you found your work posted on Tumblr?

Tumblrsucks.com will cater to any artist that has found their copyrighted material illegally posted on Tumblr without their permission and wishes for it to be removed ASAP.

With permission from you, I will take the role as your agent and have your copyrighted work removed at no charge. Please contact me as soon as possible with a link to your website, and links to your work that has been posted on Tumblr for more info.

I will only stop when Tumblr has met my demands or when I am fairly compensated for all of my copyrighted photos that have been used on their site without my permission.

Did You Know?

Did you know that when you post your photos or allow others to post your photos on Tumblr.com you are giving Tumblr a World Wide, Transferable, Royalty Free License to use your work? You all should know what that means.